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Dodgers: Dave Roberts' Reaction to Pujols' 700th HR Will Have You Confused And Laughing

A range of emotions for the Dodgers manager.

Friday, September 23, 2022, will go down in history as being the night that Albert Pujols reached the 700 home run plateau in his prominent career.

In the top of the fourth with two men on, Pujols launched a bomb to left field which ended up accomplishing the feat and extended the Cardinal lead from 2-0 to 5-0. Dodger Stadium went crazy, immediately applauding Pujols both fans and players.

Before Albert jogged around the bases, a camera was pointed at Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts and they caught his reaction to Pujols’ 700 HR. His reaction… let’s just say his reaction didn’t look genuine.

Of course, it was quickly taken to Twitter where people shared their own thoughts on Roberts’ reaction.

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“I felt those (mixed) emotions,” Roberts said of the moment. “I was very pissed about the execution we had tonight. But you have to sometimes step back and appreciate that it’s not always about you. In this particular case, it was certainly bigger than all of us, for sports.

Say what you want about Roberts, but I think he genuinely approaches every game, even last night, and does his best to lead his squad to a victory.

However, it is odd that he had the two guys who have been prone to give up homers as of late to start off the series last night.

Be as it may, I thought Pujols was going to reach this milestone this weekend in Dodger Stadium regardless of who was pitching. He is beyond loved by Dodger fans especially after being a Dodger during the second half of the 2021 season in which he homered 12 times.

Many thought he was too slow and a waste of a spot when the Dodgers acquired him last season. To see him contribute to a playoff team in the Cardinals and doing it where it all started for Tio Albert is something really special.