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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Called Chris Taylor's Walk-Off Home Run Before It Happened

Max Scherzer predicted Chris Taylor was going to hit a walk-off home right before it happened.

The 2021 NL Wild Card Game is one that Dodgers fans will never forget. Dodgers Stadium was packed and fans were on their feet for the entire game. Within the first inning, the Cardinals were up by one. It was a slow start for Max Scherzer but he was able to make some clutch pitches. By the fourth inning, to Scherzer's amazement, and with a little anger he was sent to the bench to watch the rest of the game from the dugout. 

As the game went on, no one knew that it would all go down in the ninth inning, except for Max Scherzer. He knew the Dodgers would be leaving with a W.

“I was standing next to Joe Kelly in the ninth and I was like, ‘Hey, I think Belli’s going to get on here and CT is going to hit a homer,” Scherzer said.

“I’m telling Joe that as we’re watching Belli take some tight pitches and draw a walk. Then they brought in Alex [Reyes]. I actually thought he was going to hit an oppo homer on a fastball.”

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The game was tied 1-1 until it was time for Chris Taylor to do what he does best. Cody Bellinger was on second and Chris Taylor crushed a no-doubter walk-off home run. 

It was anyone's game, but the Dodgers made sure to make a statement. After winning 106 regular-season games, they will now be going up against their division rivals, the San Fransico Giants. 

The first game of the NLDS will start on Friday night, October 8th at Oracle Park, so get your tickets or clear your schedule. It's postseason baseball.