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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Expected to Sign Soon

Like soon, soon.

Max Scherzer is one of the best starting pitchers in the league. Last year, after he was traded to LA at the deadline, he went 11-0 in his 11 regular-season starts. At 37, the righty has proven he's still dominant and with him now in free agency, there is no shortage of suitors competing for his talents. So no one should be surprised when he signs a big contract, possibly the last one of his career as a pitcher in the major leagues.

According to insider Jon Heyman, Scherzer is expected to make a decision before the December 1st Collective Bargaining expiration. Fans are hopeful he'll remain in LA but the Giants, Angels, and Mets are also in contention to sign the former all-star. 

Later on Sunday evening Jon Morosi of MLB Network narrowed it down to the Mets for Mad Max.

If all that's true, and we have no reason to think otherwise, Scherzer could be signing any minute today. That's a significant difference from previous years when big-name free agents would frequently wait until it's closer to Spring Training to finalize contracts. If the Mets deal falls through, chances are high that he returns to the Dodgers. And in that case, that signing likely wouldn't be all that far away as Max like many players this offseason look to get a deal done before a potential MLB lockout

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Unfortunately, many feel that a lockout is more than likely which will delay the 2022 season in the process. However, given baseball's enormous financial losses during the 2020 season, both sides should have the motivation to avoid future problems and get baseball back on track.