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The strength of the Dodgers farm system at the moment is their pitching prospect depth. Ryan Pepiot, Bobby Miller, and Landon Knack are, for the most part, well-regarded by MLB scouts and prospect analysts. 

ESPN's Kiley McDaniel provided his thoughts on Ryan Pepiot and Bobby Miller, the Dodgers top two pitching prospects, during a conference call this week.

Ryan Pepiot - RHP

McDaniel believes that Pepiot is closer than Miller to making his major league debut. 

"Pepiot was a guy that was a mid-major late rising college guy that had a Bugs Bunny changeup and threw pretty hard. Had okay command, okay breaking ball. Had some components they liked. Pepiot I think is maybe a little more stable in that he is probably closer to a finished product and it’s small sort of breaking ball and command adjustments will dictate if he is a five or six innings at a time or one or two innings at a time guy."

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Considering the current state of the Dodgers rotation, it wouldn't be outlandish to think that Pepiot could make a start or two with the big club this season. 

Bobby Miller - RHP

McDaniel's evaluation of Miller is similar to what FanGraphs wrote this week about the former first round pick - he could end up being a reliever.

"And then Miller was a guy that I thought was a reliever. One or two innings at a time. Was a lot of power. His slider wasn’t an outpitch all the time, and then they figured out a way to make a slider better to improve his command and throw his changeup more, and all those things happened all within a year. Miller I think is a pretty good shot to be three to five innings at a time and is more of a power guy and a little more variance, just because you’re not sure if he will revert back to some of those college elements."

Final Thoughts

Projecting how a prospect will pan out is a tricky business, but the fact is the Dodgers have at least two pitching prospects with legitimate chances of becoming impact arms.