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Dodgers: MLB Insider Predicts Bidding War for Corey Seager in Free Agency

As predicted, the New York Yankees will join the Los Angeles Dodgers as a team that is expected to compete hardest for free-agent shortstop Corey Seager. On Tuesday, MLB insider Jon Heyman confirmed what we all knew was coming.

As for Heyman’s “Holy Grail” line, it simply means that Seager is going to get a lot of money. Analysts predicted a deal worth as little as $210 million to as much as $305 million for the services of the 2020 NLCS and World Series MVP. Seager has the best bat-to-ball skills available on the market this winter, and he does so while also playing a decent shortstop, which is extremely difficult to come by.

Jon Heyman is an insider in the know, especially with Boras clients. So we have no reason to doubt his reports. Seriously, you’d be hard-pressed to find another media personality more in tune with what any Scott Boras client’s market is looking like. So what does that mean?

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That means Corey Seager will either re-sign with the Dodgers or with the team he grew up rooting for, the New York Yankees. And it will be for a whole lot of money, like "$30 million annually" kind of money. So get ready sports fans, the bidding war of the century is about to begin and it's between baseball’s two biggest spenders.