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Dodgers: MLB Pundit Says Juan Soto Likely To End Up in LA Or NY Next Offseason

So many choices...

It's no secret that the Los Angeles Dodgers have a lot of big-name players entering free agency. With this year's free-agent crop being one of the largest in recent memory, Andrew Friedman and his staff will have plenty of work to do. Decisions about looking to acquire more prominent players, staying with the people they have, or going out and re-signing some of the players that are leaving will no doubt keep them up at night.

While anything is possible this year, there is a good chance that several big names will depart Los Angeles as free agents. But keep in mind that while we're speculating, Andrew Friedman is generally ten steps ahead and sees things from a "bigger picture" perspective. With that in mind, The Atheltic’s Jim Bowden, thinks that the Dodgers acquiring Juan Soto after he enters free agency next offseason is more likely than Soto signing an extension with the Nationals.

I’ve heard that when he’s amassed six years of service time, he’s more likely to end up with the Dodgers or Yankees. I would enjoy this time with Soto in a Nationals uniform, because I’m afraid there will come a day when they trade him, as they did with Trea Turner this past season.

It's anticipated that Soto's next contract could be in the $500 million range. The Dodgers have a lot of money, but investing $900 million in their outfield between him and Betts would be impractical and unsustainable.

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However, Soto is well worth the money for any club willing to pay that amount. He's compiled 98 homers and 312 runs batted in through his first four seasons in the majors. He's slashing .301/.432/.550 with a ridiculous .981 so far this season and his career OPS+ of 160 is comparable to Mike Trout's early years.

Sacrifices would have to be made for Soto to join the Dodgers at the expected price. But just imagine that outfield. Consider, if you will, an outfield that consists of Cody Bellinger, Juan Soto, and Mookie Betts. It almost sounds like someone activated cheat mode in MLB's The Show and given what we know about their past willingness to spend heavily in free agency, it's not entirely out of the question for the Dodgers.