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The Dodgers will head into the Postseason with perhaps the toughest path to a title. Not only have they been relegated to a Wild Card berth even with a 106-win record, but their prize for potentially advancing to the NLDS would be a matchup with the 107-win San Francisco Giants. 

Say what you want, but any format that has the top-two teams meeting in the first round instead of the last could definitely use some updating. There have been plenty of debates in recent years over what the league should do to fix things, but it appears that at least one Dodger is not fazed by having to play an extra game.

No one would be surprised if the Dodgers were upset by the outcome of their season, but according to Max Scherzer, no one is dwelling on the journey here and what could have been. When speaking to the media during their press conference on Tuesday, Scherzer was very clear when asked if the team was upset about having to play in the Wild Card game on Wednesday after the season that they had.

No. You have to win your division. We didn't win out division. We're in the Wild Card game. There's no crying in baseball.

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Either way, the Dodgers will be playing in their 9th straight postseason, which is an accomplishment in itself. It's not like their odds have taken a hit by their circumstance either, as they are still the favorites to win it all, despite being a Wild Card.

Wednesday night will have the same level of stress as a Game 7, and it's something this team has plenty of experience facing. While their road to repeat may be a little longer than others, they have plenty of talent to overcome anything that stands in their way. 

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