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The Dodgers swept the Giants. Again. This time, the Dodgers swept the Giants in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the biggest storyline from Thursday's win was the early exit of Clayton Kershaw. The most entertaining part of the game came in the sixth inning, however. Enter Giants reliever, Jarlin Garcia.

Garcia celebrated a strikeout of Dodgers rookie James Outman by mocking the Dodgers' "bang on head" celebration (referencing the film "Wolf of Wall Street" by starting demonstratively at Mookie Betts who was standing in the on-deck circle.

Giants' manager Gabe Kapler was not happy with his reliever's behavior and was apparently already trying to get his attention to reprimand him when the umpires warned the Giants bench. Kapler did not appreciate this preemptive action by the umpires, especially since he was trying to deal with it himself, and got himself ejected from the game after losing his cool.

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The very next inning, Trea Turner provided some thunder by smoking a home run to center field. The Dodgers bench decided to enjoy this home run a little bit more than normal, with most of the players standing tall and pounding their heads. Joe Davis stated what many Dodger fans were thinking by saying, "yeah they ain't gonna do it less now."

Trea Turner was not particularly subtle about this in the post-game interview.

"I guess that's where they're at" stops just short of "the Giants are down bad" as the kids say.

The Dodgers are now 21.5 games up on the Giants and have beat them in eight straight games.