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Dodgers Rumors: Cody Bellinger Reportedly Seeking One Year Contract

He doesn't want to be locked up long-term.
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Cody Bellinger is officially a free agent for the first time in his career. After being non-tendered by the Dodgers last week, he's been free to talk with all 30 MLB teams about a potential deal — and his agent Scott Boras said he's had his fair share of offers.

However, Boras has made it clear what type of contract his client wants, and it's one that gives them a ton of flexibility for the future.

"I’ve already been offered multi-years," Boras said on Sunday. "Most likely, because of his age, we don’t want a multi-year."

Bellinger is still just 27-years-old, and is three years removed from his MVP season in which he hit .305 with 47 home runs and 115 RBIs. 

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A one-year deal makes sense for Bellinger, as he doesn't want to lock into a long-term contract after his third straight disappointing season. Bellinger is betting on himself, as he believes he can return to something near his 2019 form. If he can do that, he'd be able to make a lot more money in the future, and potentially sign a long-term deal next offseason at a much higher AAV.

If I'm the Dodgers, I'm making Bellinger an offer if it's just one-year. Bellinger playing on a contract year could be the exact motivation he needs to play much better in 2023, and the Dodgers may as well throw $10 million at him to hope he can get there. It could turn into a real win-win for the two sides, especially with the lack of centerfield options outside of Bellinger and free agent Brandon Nimmo.