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The gift and the curse of being a Dodgers fan these days is having any and every superstar trade rumor attached to the Dodgers. Th modus operandi of team president Andrew Friedman and Brandon Gomes do little to quell any speculation, however wild. Especially when it comes to a player like Juan Soto.

ESPN's Buster Olney started the rumor mill with a Monday article reported that the Washington front office could be "compelled" and "motivated" to trade Juan Soto this summer. One sportsbook quickly installed the Dodgers are the team with the second best odds to land Soto.

For those that are unaware, Juan Soto's agent is the biggest dog in the yard - Scott Boras. Boras did his best to shutdown the rumors (quote via The LA Times).

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“The impact of those variables on Soto’s situation is unknown, but Scott Boras, Soto’s agent, told the New York Post a trade is “not happening.” That didn’t stop speculation from swirling.”

Now, it's important to note that Soto doesn't have a ton of say in the matter if the Nationals do start shopping him this summer. He doesn't have a no-trade clause nor 10-5 rights.

Considering that the Dodgers have one of the best, if not the best, farm system in baseball, they could quickly whip up a trade package that includes a mix of promising talent and already established big league players - Tony Gonsolin and Gavin Lux come to mind. However, the cost to acquire a player like Soto could be even steeper.