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Anytime there's a whisper of a rumor that a superstar might be able to be had, the Dodgers are always linked to the player. This week, anonymous MLB team executives stated that the Nationals could be "motivated" and "compelled" to trade Soto this summer.

The report by ESPN's Buster Olney set off a firestorm of speculation from Dodgers fans. Some salivating over the fact that LA could somehow add one of the best hitters in baseball, and others arguing that the organization should hold onto their prospects rather than acquire Soto. 

With the Dodgers in Washington D.C. for a three-game series this week, the timing couldn't have been better for some more Soto talk. Soto's former teammate, Trea Turner, is all for the idea of once again playing on the same team as the two-time Silver Slugger. 

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It's important to note that Juan Soto isn't a free agent until 2025. It would take a king's ransom for the Dodgers to acquire Soto since he's still under team control for multiple years. On the slim chance they do land him, they would then have to extend him to keep in LA for the long haul. 

That's when another important factor comes into play that no baseball team is safe from - the Scott Boras factor. Boras is notorious for pushing his clients to enter free agency and test the open market instead of signing contract extensions.

Moral of the story - Dodgers fans shouldn't hold their breath for Soto to come to LA.