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The Dodgers lost one of their best relievers on Friday night in Atlanta. Veteran reliever Daniel Hudson suffered a knee injury on a non-contact play that resulted in him falling to the turf in pain. After the game, the Dodgers stated that Hudson suffered a torn ACL and would miss the rest of the season.

The 35-year-old righty was in the midst of his 13th season in the majors when he injured his knee. The reliever pitched for the Dodgers in 2018, but signed with LA this past winter. This season, Hudson had a 2.22 ERA in 25 apperances.

Even after winning a World Series and enjoying a long big league career, Hudson isn't ready to hang it up quite yet. The Athletic's Fabian Ardaya reported on Saturday that Hudson will attempt to pitch next season.

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Honestly, the decision does make some sense. Having your last baseball memory being tearing your ACL on a soft ground ball is far from ideal. He could be on the Dodgers next year - he has a club option for next season.