Kenley Jansen Reports to Dodgers Camp After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Howard Cole

Kenley Jansen has joined the Dodgers after testing positive for coronavirus. He is fully recovered and hopes to be ready to pitch when the regular season opens on July 23.

While there was speculation that Jansen had not reported to Summer Camp earlier because of the novel coronavirus, the Los Angeles organization remained mum about the reason for the closer's absence prior to Sunday. Dodgers Scott Alexander, Pedro Baez, A.J. Pollock and Keibert Ruiz remain away from the club for undisclosed reasons. Draw your own conclusions as to why.

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Jansen told reporters via a Zoom press conference he is in good shape now and believes he contracted the disease from his son. The pitcher said his wife and other child were also infected with COVID-19.

"I feel great," Jansen said. "It's just two weeks that I couldn't do anything. ...It is real, it is serious. Everyone in the world, just take it serious, man. Just wear your mask at all times. Trust me, it happened so fast. We tried to do everything to avoid this virus but we all got it in the house."

Jansen has had multiple heart procedures during his career and considers himself to be a "moderate risk" player.

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Howard Cole
Howard Cole


Hey Gilly, I need to get you on the game threads!

Here’s the link for Sunday.


Howie, your quote "draw your own conclusions as to why" speaks volumes! However re: Jansen.. the degree of how his entire house/family got infected is stunning. With responsible precautions starting nationally back as far as late January.. for an entire family to have gotten infected like that, all at once is a head scratcher. To be able to state that he's in good shape now is remarkable what with his medical history.