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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred hasn't been in the public eye much since the lockout ended in March. For many baseball fans, that's a good thing. The much maligned commissioner hasn't done much in recent years to endear himself to baseball fans.

It's no secret that baseball has fallen out of favor with sports fans from a national perspective. These days, the NFL is king. 

Part of Manfred's job is to take care of the sport of baseball and in a recent interview with ESPN's Jeff Passan, Manfred highlighted how he plans to improve the popularity of America's former favorite pastime. 

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“He tells me, in terms far more certain than he has laid out publicly before, that he fully supports revamping the game with pitch clocks, the elimination of the shift and, in 2024, some form of robo-umpires."

Passan also noted that Manfred needs the buy-in from the fans to make the implementation of robot-umpires work.

According to the new CBA, Manfred can "unilaterally change the rules one season after giving the union notice”. Meaning, he doesn't need the players' union to sign off on any rules changes.

Robot-umpires are coming in "some form" in 2024. Whether fans like it or not.