Video: Ballparks for Your Bucket List

Howard Cole

If you're like me you dream about baseball 24/7/365. You dream about being at the ballpark. And you dream about being at ballparks you've dreamed about being at. And you have a bucket list of must-visit ballparks. See mine in the video above.

For a little more detail, and the thoughts of some of my friends, click here.

And remember, glove conquers all.

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Nice video - thanks Howard. I love Dodger Stadium too and I would like it more if it wasn't so difficult to get in and out of the ballpark. Public transportation makes Oracle and Wrigley much easier to visit.

Just visited PNC last year. I like the open access around the entire stadium. Interesting sight lines as well. I thought this stadium had the best food in MLB, but I think Houston has better grub.

Camden is very nice. It almost feels like someone's backyard. The brick background gives it a classic look. When I attended Boog Powell was there at his BBQ.

If you visit T-Mobile, make sure you go on the stadium tour. When I was there, they opened and closed the retractable roof. The docent was super energetic and knowledgable.


Ok, so I give Fenway Park a thumbs up, how indirect it may be, because of the coolest, motel turned 70s rock and roll revisited, The Verb, that is right across the street from the park. Walk this way..


You’ve been to some great parks. I have a brother who lives in L.A., but I’ve never been down (from Seattle) to see a ballgame there. Here’s my list:

  1. PNC Park
  2. Wrigley Field
  3. T-Mobile Park (formerly Safeco)
  4. Progressive Field
  5. The Kingdome

I'll get there some day, Dave. And great to see you commenting. I hope you come back again. And often. I'm going to be checking in much more often.


Camden Yard ... what a cool layout.