Another 'Major League' Movie in the Works? Will the Indians Be the Focus Again?

Matt Loede

To Indians fans the movie 'Major League' still ranks up to many as one of the great baseball movies of all-time, and for a long time it was just a dream seeing the Indians win the pennant.

Last season actor Charlie Sheen, who played legendary character 'Ricky Vaughn' in the movie, supported the Indians in their World Series run against the Chicago Cubs, and was even at Progressive Field for game seven which was won by the Cubs.

Sheen today put out a cryptic tweet that could represent an interesting rebirth of the 'Major League' franchise, tweeting out a pic of a newborn on top of his famous number '99' jersey.

Take it for what it's worth, but many responses seem to be wanting there to be another version of 'Major League' as the franchise went away from the Indians after two movies, and in 'Major League Back to the Minors' in 1998 the movie focused on the Minnesota Twins.

We shall see if anymore info is given about the possible reboot, and just how much Ricky Vaughn is involved!