Corey Kluber Has Had a Pretty Amazing Month of June - Inside the Numbers for the Indians Ace

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Tonight Indians ace Corey Kluber will take the mound for the final time in the month of June, and he will look to wrap up the month with his 12th win of the season.

It's gotten to the point where trying to pay a complement to Kluber is tough to do as he's just about done it all, and asking manager Terry Francona about Kluber is tough because there's just not enough good things to say about what he does every five days.

"Boy, I mean, it seems like every five days you try to come up with maybe something different to say, but my goodness. His level of consistency is so high that, man, it's just fun to watch," Francona said after Kluber's last start.

Kluber is at 11-3 with a 2.10 ERA, and if he can repeat the second half like the first, it's hard to think that he WON'T win a third Cy Young award when the announcement comes along at the end of the season.

Today let's go inside the numbers and look a little more closely at just how good Kluber has been in his four June starts with the fifth one tonight in St.Louis.

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1. No Free Passes

Most pitchers allow a couple walks a game if their control is even the slightest bit off, but what Corey Kluber has done in the month thus far is amazing.

27 innings - two walks.

Yes, that's in one plus one - just two free passes the entire month, which is mind boggling considering there's another pitcher on the staff having a huge year - Trevor Bauer - and as good as he's been - he's allowed 10 walks in five starts in June.

His control is been right up there with the likes of Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux, who by the way in his 8th season in the month of June in five starts walked six batters.

A crazy stat for Kluber showing just how good he's been this month.

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2. How Off Was the Start Vs the Twins?

There's no doubt that Indians fans were sweating a week ago Friday when Corey Kluber allowed four runs in five innings back on June 15th - thinking that he possibly was suffering from an injury.

That night Kluber gave up a pair of homers to the hot-hitting Twins, and only struck out three of the 19 batters he faced.

In allowing the four runs, it ended a string of 14 straight quality starts as well it stopped his American League-record run of 26 consecutive starts with no more than three runs allowed.

Kluber certainly was back to normal against the Sox, a sign again it was just a one game off day for the Cy Young award winner.

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3. Plenty of Runs to Work With

As the weather in June has heated up, so has the Indians bats, and Kluber has been the beneficiary of the teams' run support.

How many times has Kluber had to work with one or two or sometimes no runs at all, frustrating fans to no end that the ace got very little run support.

That all has changed this month, as the Tribe has provided up with 30 runs in Kluber's three wins (they scored three in the loss to the Twins).

How much of a change is this from earlier in the year? In April in got 24 runs of support in six starts (four runs a game), and this month in the wins they are putting up 10 runs a game.

Kluber has paid the team back with solid outings thus far in June other than that off night against the Twins, and the amount he's been given to play with is more than enough to push him to 11 wins already in 2018.