Did Yasiel Puig Just Clue Us In That Baseball is Getting Close to Returning?

Matt Loede

Former Cleveland Indians outfielder Yasiel Puig said about 10 days ago in an interview with El Nuevo Herald that Major League Baseball is unlikely to return in 2020, and they should start to prepare for 2021.

Now, Puig is reportedly ready to sign a one-year deal with the San Francisco Giants, meaning that either he’s changed his mind, or that he knows something that others have been waiting to hear.

Baseball is now closer to returning that ever.

Puig told the paper the following in an interview that he didn’t see baseball being played at all in 2020.

"We hope to play in 2021. I don't think there will be baseball in 2020, but if there is, we will be on some team," Puig said.

Puig had told the paper that he had received an offer from the Miami Marlins, but because he didn’t think there would be a season, he felt no real sense of urgency to ink a deal.

Now though with the news that the Giants are ready to sign Puig could mean that things have progressed enough that the former Indians outfielder now thinks there will be a season.

It was reported last night that NBA players will be allowed to return to team training facilities beginning on Friday, as they also seem to be on the verge of preparing to find a way to play the remainder of the 2019-2020 season along with the playoffs.

Baseball has been meeting behind the scenes about the best way to put a 2020 season together with no fans and games likely being staged in spring training sites in Arizona and Florida.

It will be interesting to see if other available Major League free agents start to get closer to signing deals with teams, again making it fairly certain the 2020 season is going to take place.

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senoir calderone
senoir calderone

I totally agree, the whole thing has been a smoke screen to hide something the world leaders are planning, who knows, but it took the heat off trump gettin impeached, which outta still happen because hes a moron, and them gukes in china are just nasty hard to tell what all they got, hell they eat worms n shit, but anyhow... Lets play some baseball damnit.


PERSONALLY, I Love Puig and the INDIANS..


Puig's a piece of crap. Yeah, MLB's getting ready to get back to business....dull-headed people are finally realizing that the China virus was a major hoax in many ways. Hugely inflated death figures. Regular flu deaths, how many? They're not reported, are they? The public's being SCAMMED.