Former Indians P Trevor Bauer Wants to Organize a "Sandlot" Style Baseball Game While We Wait for the Season to Start

Matt Loede

What started as a simple tweet aimed at maybe looking to have some fun could turn into one of the best events while fans and everyone alike waits out for the Major League Baseball season to start.

The tweet came from veteran pitcher David Carpenter to former Cleveland Indians and now Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer about playing a fun ‘pickup’ game in the Phoenix area.

Carpenter went so far as to asking Bauer if they could organize a game at a random field in Phoenix – ‘sandlot style.’

Bauer seemed excited about the idea right away, responding that he’s in for the pickup game.

A current Indians player jumped in the conversation, as Bauer’s buddy Mike Clevinger tweeted out a GIF from the popular 80’s movie “Sandlot,” and while he’s recovering from knee surgery, you know that he would love to have a part in the game somehow.

Bauer tweeted out an invite to players that are interested in playing in the game to respond to his tweet (to which he got 1.2k replies), and late Friday confirmed that the game will indeed take place.

Bauer said that the game will be broadcast live on his Watch Momentum venture that he is one of the owners of.

No date or time has been announced for the game, but it will be interesting as to who comes out for it and how it all turns out while everyone waits for the season to begin.