Former Indian Kipnis Says He Doesn't See a Season in MLB, Commish Manfred Says Games Will Be Played "100 Percent"

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While the two sides in Major League Baseball haggle back and forth over trying to come to a deal for the 2020 season, one former Indian thinks that there won’t be a season at all.

That former Indian is longtime second basemen Jason Kipnis, who went on ESPN 1000 in Chicago and gave his take on the ongoing labor battle.

"It doesn’t sound like we’re going to come to an agreement because the sides are too far apart,” Kipnis said.

The former Indian inked a deal this offseason with his hometown Chicago Cubs, a team Kipnis tried to help take down in the 2016 World Series.

While the sides remain rather far apart in a deal, baseball commish Rob Manfred said that there WILL be games in 2020.

The commissioner on MLB Network stated “We're going to play baseball in 2020, 100 percent.”

The dangers of that statement is that it could be a season that is so short, it won’t even allow most players to really get warmed up.

If the sides can’t get to a deal soon, Manfred can then implement a shorter season, some stating that it could potentially be as short as 48 games starting on July 10.

Major League Baseball made another formal offer on Monday, one that would guarantee players 75% of their prorated salaries in a 76-game regular season.

Major League Baseball owners are looking to expand the postseason, pushing it out from 10 teams to 16 teams.

With the extra teams that could see a total of 65 playoff games (that’s if each series goes the distance) it could see about $1 billion in TV revenue.