Former Indians Pitcher Trevor Bauer Has Had an Interesting Weekend

Matt Loede

Former Indians now Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer is looking for help – and not for anything baseball related.

The pitcher, who is currently in Phoenix, spent the first part of his Saturday looking for help for a rather huge swarm of bees that descended on his garage.

He tweeted out that he had around 150 bees and was looking for help in trying to get them out of his garage.

Does anyone know of a beekeeper in Phoenix area that can come remove approximately 150 bees from my garage today? This is absurd.

The bee drama continued as one got into his home, to which he was able to dispose of it, and even lit it on fire.

Then Bauer tweeted if there was “any murder hornets for hire in the Phoenix area??” maybe hoping the hornets were fans of his and would arrive at his home to take care of his bee issue.

A pair of tweets with some video showed the bees both in the garage as well as just outside the garage.

While “bee gate” subsided with no conclusion (at least on twitter), Bauer turned his attention to Saturday night’s UFC fights which took place in Florida.

But that was not all that seemed to go off the rails for Bauer.

Around 2am Eastern Bauer tweeted out about an appearance he made on ESPN for the Korean Baseball Organization, and little did he realize that for whatever reason Bauer’s person cell number was at the top of the screen, stating “Facetime with +1 (661) 993-2905.”

Bauer took what he called the “massive screw up” in stride, encouraging people to call him and in return he would give away a pair of signed cleats over the next 48 hours, and that the rules would be in his voicemail.

Many within a short period of time said that Bauer’s mailbox was full, and it is not known how many might have gotten through before it got that way.

Nevertheless, from trying to find a way to deter bees to now having to get a new phone number, it was an eventful day for the ex-Tribe pitcher.