From One "Wild Thing" to Another, Sheen Sends Message to Indians Fireball Pitcher Karinchak

Matt Loede

Cleveland Indians reliever James Karinchak readily admits that he's a huge fan of the cult classic movie "Major League" and the impact it made on Tribe fans over the years.

Everyone knows that Charlie Sheen (Ricky Vaughn) is the big star of the film, the pitcher who wore number 99, black glasses, and came into the game with the song "Wild Thing" blaring from the speakers.

Karinchak has taken a cue from the movie, as he's now wearing the same number as Sheen's character Vaughn (#99) and also comes into the games at Progressive Field with the same "Wild Thing" version playing as he warms up.

Sheen, who made headlines when he attended game seven of the World Series at Progressive Field four years ago against the Chicago Cubs, has taken notice of the new Tribe reliever.

Sunday evening while the Indians and White Sox were doing battle in the Windy City, Sheen sent out a tweet specifically targeted to get Karinchak's attention.

It's got to be a very cool honor to have one of the biggest actors in Hollywood tweet at you giving you respect.

Karinchak has been on fire thus far in 2020, and while he's 0-1 he's yet to allow an earned run, and in 7.1 innings he's struck out 13 batters, walking three.

The pitcher thus far in the 7.1 innings has allowed just three hits this season.

Here's an example of what hitters have to see when they come to the plate to face the new Indians "Wild Thing."