Houston's Carlos Beltran Leads MLB's Puerto Rico Goodwill Tour

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A very important weekend for baseball started off with two Cleveland Indians receiving praise.

"Everyone give a hand to (Francisco) Lindor for the great job he did in the World Series and for representing all of us in Puerto Rico. Clap for Sandy Alomar Jr., too. He's a coach for the Indians. We call him the baseball thief because he's always watching for the other team's signs. He's meant so much to Puerto Rico. All of you have."

That's how Carlos Beltran started out a weekend of recognition for baseball in Puerto Rico.

Major League Baseball is starting a Puerto Rico Goodwill Tour, as the veteran Beltran is leading the charge.

The tour will highlight the career and life of Roberto Clemente and other legends as well as the development of Puerto Rican baseball.

"My role is simple: I believe that you have to share what you have learned in the game of baseball. I've been blessed and I thank God for that every single day. The fact that I am still playing baseball has given me the opportunity to help the other guys. I get a lot of satisfaction in understanding and knowing that I can impact a player in a positive way." said Beltran when talking about this event.

Numerous MLB players such as Oliver Perez and Fernando Rodney will be participating in youth baseball clinics throughout the weekend at Roberto Clemente Stadium and Manuel Gonzalez Stadium. On Saturday night, there will be a gala honoring Puerto Rican baseball.

Beltran's quote about the event's importance rings loud and proud.

"As Puerto Ricans, we have gone through tough times, but at the end the day, the game of baseball brings a lot of joy to our fans and to our countries."