How is MLB Ready to Ensure Non-Uniformed Employees Continue to Get Paid While Games are on Hold?

Matt Loede

With the players and those at the top of Major League Baseball coming together to figure out plans for how the 2020 campaign is going to go, there’s still a lot of questions as to how the league is going to treat team’s non-uniformed employees as we wait for the season to start.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and his office has been busy trying to figure out how to treat those employees, and it sounds like some action has already been taken in terms of keeping those employees happy and employed.

Evan Drellich of The Athletic reported that for now, all 30 teams around the league are going to keep non-uniformed employees paid through the month of April.

Rob Manfred’s office has an understanding with all 30 teams that non-player employees will remain paid through April 30 at the least: scouts, et al. “What happens beyond April remains an unknown but we are status quo until then,” reads a team’s note.

The clock will start to tick come Wednesday once the first day of April begins, and so far while many things have been bantered about when it comes to when the season could actually start, nothing as far as any dates for an opening day or anything like that has been made official.

It is a positive that many of the employees will get paychecks to keep working through the month of April, but is that enough time for the league to set up and get the players back on the field to get playing again?

While it’s not likely, hopefully it’s the start of good things for everyone around the league, not just the players that fans come out and see play the game.