Indians Fans Speak Out Following News That Team is Considering a Name Change

Matt Loede

If there is one thing about Cleveland Indians fans that I think everyone can agree on, it’s that they are passionate about their baseball club.

That’s why it should have come to no surprise that Friday evening when the Indians, on the heels of a story in The Athletic breaking the news, announced they have had and will continue to have internal meetings about changing the name of the franchise.

The nickname of “Indians” has been in place for Cleveland since 1915, and while it seems every season there’s an outcry by some to change the name, there’s never been conformation from the team itself that a name change has been talked about.

Social media was buzzing Friday night after the Indians released their statement about the meetings, and per usual fans were not afraid to share their opinions one way or another on if they like moving away from the “Indians,” or feel the team is taking it too far and should keep the name.

Here’s just a small sampling of the comments from twitter Friday night.