Indians Pitcher Trevor Bauer Gets Political on Twitter; Fans Give Their Reaction

Matt Loede

Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer has never been afraid to share his opinions or views to anyone, but over the last 24 hours has opened up a whole new can of worms with some tweets stating he's tired of 'liberal slanted anti trump articles' being all over his timeline.

Support the new President or not, many fans probably agree that there's too many political tweets out there these days, but Bauer's views are clearly in favor of Trump, and it's got plenty of fans talking since his first tweet Thursday evening.

One tweet that seemed to draw a lot of attention was one where he stated that a lot of his Indians teammates are also in support of President Trump.

And as expected, some fans are not taking the news that Bauer supports Trump all that well, even going to the extreme of wishing disease on the athlete.

Here's some more of the react on Bauer - all from his mentions today: