Indians Shortstop Francisco Lindor Loses Bet With His High School's Baseball Team, Shaves Head As A Result

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Francisco Lindor has had some very interesting hairstyles over the last few months. After dying his hair platinum to honor his dad right before Spring Training, Lindor once again dyed his hair back to his natural blonde locks. But just through a few months of having his hair back to normal, Lindor has switched it up again.

This time though, there'll be no need for shampoo or hair products.

Lindor had a bet with his high school's baseball team where he laid down a challenge to the team. If the squad went undefeated, the Tribe's shortstop would commit to shaving his head. It's tough to go undefeated in any level of baseball, so he had to feel good about his bet.


The team rattled off 25 victories while never succumbing to defeat. As a result, Frankie's hair is no more.

Not a bad look, Frankie.