Last year pitchers Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac were kept away from the Indians after violating COVID-19 protocols.

Now less than a year later, two more high profile players are being told to stay away from the team, as Jose Ramirez and Franmil Reyes are not with the club at the moment.

Tribe skipper Terry Francona confirmed the news about Ramirez and Reyes, and the incident reportedly took place after Reyes went to get a haircut on Friday, and met with Ramírez at an indoor restaurant the same day. 

Francona says the two's violations were self-reported, and the club sent the players home and reported the situation to Major League Baseball.

"They have been re-tested, as everybody is," Francona said Sunday morning.

"This is now, though, a league protocol thing. We're pretty fortunate here, we have some medical people that are right on top of things, and they came right to me and they said 'Look, his what we're doing. We're informing the league'...and just, the players themselves actually self-reported, that they had made a mistake.

"So we told them, we said, this is not our rules. These are the rules that [the MLB Players Association] came up with, we have to enforce them."

The Tribe is awaiting word on when the two will be able to rejoin the team.

The Indians manager said that both Reyes and Francona were "both upfront and honest with us about what had happened," and the incident wasn't like last year when Plesac and Clevinger snuck out while the team was playing in Chicago and were caught. 

It's not the first time that Reyes is being kept away from the team for a COVID-19 violation, as last July he was Back in July 2020 Reyes was ordered to remain away from the team after it was revealed the Tribe outfielder was seen at a Fourth of July party without a mask. 

Reyes was allowed to be back with the team after a few days.