MLB Owners to Present Official Offer to Players Union Today

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Major League Baseball Tuesday is set to take a big step forward in trying to get a 2020 season on the field, as they will present a proposal to the players union in hopes of finding common ground on a number of issues.

The biggest issue of course is that of money. The owners were set to present the players union with a 50-50 revenue sharing plan, but according to The Athletic that has been scrapped, and instead will move forward with owners hoping the players would be open to a 15 percent cut from prorated salaries.

The 15 percent cut would take a player making the league minimum from $535,000 down to $224,568 for an 80-game shortened season.

The two sides have already been talking, and most of the important safety protocols that the owners presented to the players have been decided upon, and that doesn’t appear to be the sticking point to getting baseball back.

The players union appear to be okay with there being no fans in the seats for safety purposes, and also for things like high fives, spitting, and having to wear masks for those not playing in the dugout also appear to have been agreed upon.

The owners want to get things moving quickly so a second spring training can begin in June, with games starting in July.

If the two sides can get a deal done on the money side, it looks like all signs are pointing to a season of about half the games of normal, with fans having no other choice but to watch from their TV sets due to not being allowed in stadiums across the country.

But until the money aspect gets decided, baseball will have a fight on its hands that had better get decided sooner than later if a season is going to happen.