No Vote by Players Latest MLB 60-Game Proposal, Could the Covid-19 Virus Halt a Shortened 2020 Season?

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No vote was taken today by the players in Major League Baseball on the plan from owners for a shortened 60-game season, and with the recent covid-19 outbreak, the season has a feeling of being on life support once again.

There was a flurry of activity over the weekend, most of which did not support the playing of a Major League season.

The owners have a 60-game offer on the table, guaranteeing the players a reported $1.5 billion, but now with the spike in covid-19 cases, there’s concern from players that the league won’t be able to get in 60 games before being shut down.

Reports say that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred threw out an olive branch in a letter to union chief Tony Clark, stating that if 60 games are not played, the 2021 postseason would not be expanded from 10 teams to 16 teams, and that the DH would not be used in the National League.

If the season is shortened, Manfred promised to Clark that the postseason would not be expanded from 10 teams to 16 teams in 2021, and that the DH would not be used in the National League in 2021.

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reported Sunday afternoon that with a 60-game slate that “spring training likely would be pushed back to the June 29-July 4 week, with hopes of starting the season around July 24-27.”

That would mean a fast season in the Majors, as the season would probably get pushed to still end before the first week in October to be able to start the expanded postseason that the two sides for 2020 have agreed on.

Nightengale also stated Sunday that if no deal is reached this week that Manfred will win up mandating a season of 54 to 60 games.

A season of around 60 games would likely have to suit fans around the country at this point, but the latest covid-19 outbreak may have players on edge to the point of not wanting to put their health at risk.

If more positive covid-19 tests take place, it could cripple the ability to get any sort of 2020 season off the ground.