Owners and Union Trade Proposals, Amount of Games a Sticking Point for Each

Matt Loede

There will be Major League Baseball in 2020, at least that’s the tone that just about every MLB ‘insider’ gives when talking about the owners and players going back and forth on proposals.

Monday was the latest proposal returned to the owners from the players association, and the tweaks are rather extensive from what the owners first laid out.

The players want more games, as they upped the owners proposal from 82 games to a reported 114 games, played over 123 days according to the Associated Press.

How does that play out in terms of when the season may end? Try Halloween.

Yep, under the players association they have the regular season concluding on October 31, a full month and a few days from the owners proposed September 27 end of the regular season.

Both the owners and players seem to agree on an expanded postseason for 2020 which would increase the number of teams from 10 to 14 but the union wants it in place for next season too.

The player’s union is also not happy about reducing salaries, as the original amount to be paid was $4 billion. The owners want it reduced to $1.2 billion with the union countering at $2.8 billion.

So if this passes, which is likely won’t, the season will start on June 30

Jeff Passan of ESPN tweeted out that the owners are looking to propose a shorter season paying out a full prorated salary to the players.

Owners are proposing a 50-game season, quite a difference from the 114 games that the players want.

It feels like at the end of the day, these two sides are going to meet halfway, and there will be a season with both sides giving in and making a deal to get the 2020 MLB season started in July.