Reaction to Indians 2020 Ticket Refund Policy Gets Mostly Positive Feedback

Matt Loede

Wednesday the Cleveland Indians released information to fans who have purchased tickets or are season ticket holders about getting refunds for games that have passed and won't be made up on the 2020 schedule.

Fans had been getting antsy about when and how they would be getting money back or how it would be handled if they had tickets to the home games that would have already taken place.

There are two methods of in place for those that purchased tickets. Ticket holders can take either a credit plus 10% for use in either 2020 or 2021, or simply request a refund.

Many times in the past the Indians have taken a beating on twitter for the way they have handled things regarding tickets or season ticket holder events, but for this latest situation many on social media feel the Indians are being very fair the way they are handling the situation.

The 10 percent credit for tickets done by the team is in line with what a few other teams in the league are doing. The Minnesota Twins are offering a 15 percent credit, and the Tribe and Red Sox are each offering 10 percent.

The Tribe's Ohio neighbor the Reds are offering 10 percent credit for food or drink. The San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago White Sox are each offering a 5 percent credit.

Two teams that announced their refund policy on Wednesday that are offering no credit on tickets are the Houston Astros and St.Louis Cardinals.

For those that think jumping on the phone and it being tough to get through like a number of other businesses during the covid-19 pandemic, fan response seems to be good in terms of the wait times to talk to a live human being with the Indians.

It remains to be seen if today is much busier and fans won't have the success getting through on the phone lines, but from Wednesday's feedback it sounds like it was smooth sailing and customers did not have to wait all that long for answers.

Of course everyone wants the games to be played and for life to get back to normal, but it's good to see the Tribe making the best of a tough situation for everyone involved.

Some fans have even gone out of their way to admit they have been harsh on the team's customer service in the past, but the experience in getting a refund or rolling tickets into 2021 has been nothing but positive thus far.

While many were applauding the Indians for their efforts and lack of drama over the refund/ticket situation on Wednesday, it didn't mean that everyone was completely happy dealing with the ticketing situation.