Report: Cleveland Indians' Offers for Right-Handed 1B "Mighty Low", Team Seeking "A Steal"

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According to MLB insider Jon Heyman, the Cleveland Indians are looking to find their right-handed hitting first base/DH option at a "mighty low" price.

Between Edwin Encarnacion, Mike Napoli, Chris Carter and potentially Adam Lind, the Tribe appear to be in a position where one of the players will end up in their lap after the dominoes start to fall.

However, if they do indeed go the cheap route, it could mean missing out on the best player of the bunch: Encarnacion.

Based on this report, the Indians look farther away from signing Encarnacion than they were a week ago, but the market is rather silent and the Indians are still actively engaged in the conversation.

At this point, a two-year deal for Napoli or a less expensive contract to Carter seem more likely than landing the Blue Jays slugger.

We'll keep you posted if any news develops.