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Report Indicates the Miami Marlins Putting Their Season "On Pause" Following Covid-19 Outbreak


Major League Baseball is in a bit of scramble mode today after Monday it came out that a number of Miami Marlins players had tested positive for the covid-19 virus.

Now the Marlins are putting their season on hold, once again giving the league a major problem when it comes to scheduling and trying to figure out what to do against the teams that Miami are scheduled to play in the foreseeable future.

Jordan McPherson, Marlins beat writer for the Miami Herald reported via twitter Tuesday that the season for the Marlins is “on pause for now.”

What that means is that Miami won’t play their scheduled games against the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday and Thursday in Baltimore, and they will continue to try and figure out when they can take the field again in a safe manner.

Major League Baseball released a statement about the ongoing situation with the Marlins.

The difficult circumstances of one club reinforce the vital need to be diligent with the protocols in all ways, both on and off the field. We will continue to bolster our protocols and make any necessary adjustments.

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The realities of the virus still loom large, and we must operate with that in mind every day. We are confident that clubs and players will act appropriately, for themselves and for others, and the data provides reason to believe that the protocols can work effectively.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that since July 24th there’s been more than 6,400 tests conducted on players, and that the Marlins are the only team thus far with positive cases.

Since the start of spring training just 0.3 percent of cases have been positive, which is good news, but again now with the Marlins situation things have suddenly taken a turn for the worst for the league.

Miami and Baltimore are not the only two teams that are getting impacted by the covid-19 outbreak, the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees already scrapped Monday’s game and have cancelled Tuesday’s game in Philly as well.

Tyler Kepner of the New York Times tweeted out the following about the Marlins as well as the Phillies and Yankees.

Confirming various reports of this ever-changing schedule... Marlins now off until Monday, Phillies off until Friday, Yankees will play at Orioles Wednesday and Thursday.

The Washington Nationals will also get the entire weekend off, as they were the scheduled opponent for the Marlins this weekend in Miami.