The Battle of Cleveland Sports Ineptitude: Round 1 - Tribe Managers

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Your bracket is most likely completely down with by now, but we decided to make a new bracket of our own. The Bracket of Ineptitude.

All this week we are going to take a look back at the last ten seasons of coaches in Cleveland sports. It's quite a list and there may be no wrong answer to the question: "Who was the worst?"

We start with Round 1.



Eric Wedge: Cleveland Indians manager from 2003-2009. In 7 seasons he led the Tribe to one postseason appearance and lost 90+ games twice.


Manny Acta: Tribe manager from 2010-2012. In his three seasons the Indians compiled a win-loss record of 214-266, never finishing above .500.

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We will end this poll in 2 days and then share the results of who is crowned "Most Inept Tribe Manager" of the last ten years.

Thank goodness we have Tito now!

After the results of who wins (or loses) this round are revealed, we will post our next poll, THE CAVS.

Stay tuned!