The Odds Are Out on What the "Indians" Nickname Could Wind Up Being if Changed

Matt Loede

It seemed like everyone had their say over the weekend about what the nickname of the Cleveland baseball franchise should be, this after the current Cleveland Indians sent out a tweet saying they were exploring changing the name.

Some of the names seem to fit better than others, but it seemed like on social media that a lot of people wanted to stay away from “Rockers” as people are tired of designs of guitars being on hats and jerseys after last season’s MLB All-Star Game in Cleveland.

The one name that popped up over and over is that of “Spiders,” which is a team that played in Cleveland from 1887 to 1899.

A lot of people again on social media tried to do mock-ups of uniforms and hats using the “Spiders” nickname as the logo, and again some looked good while others were rather ugly.

Today the website   BetOnline came out with odds for a new name for the Indians, and the odds for a new name IF they moved forward with getting rid of the Indians name.

Here’s the odds as they stand right now:

Spiders 3/1

Naps 4/1

Guardians 5/1

Buckeyes 6/1

Dobys 7/1

Wild Things 8/1

Blue Sox 9/1

Rocks 10/1

Cuyahogas 15/1

Crows 20/1

Rockers 20/1

Unions 25/1

Fellers 33/1

Great Lakers 40/1

The team might just stay as is and this could all be for nothing, but it does feel like sooner rather than later the nickname the “Indians” will be a thing of the past.