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Almonte Suspended 80 Games; What Should the Cleveland Indians Do About Outfield?

Today we found out that Cleveland Indians Outfielder, Abraham Almonte, will be suspended for 80 games because of testing positive for PEDs. I know that many people want to see more free-agent signings this off-season and I think now is the perfect time.

The Indians are now in a situation without a center fielder for a couple months and an injured left fielder in Michael Brantley. Where do the Indians go from here though? Cleveland is looking at an outfield of Rajai Davis, Collin Cowgill, and Lonnie Chisenhall. Do they need to add more depth in the outfield? I believe so. Here are some possible suggestions.

1.) Austin Jackson

Jackson is the number one target for the Indians. Jackson has a .273/.333/..399 split through six years of baseball in the big leagues. He does not give us significant power numbers but today's game has changed from a power stand point to getting on base stand point. I think the best way to look at the situation with Jackson would be to quote the movie Moneyball and say "Does he get on base?"

Which he does.

Jackson is projected to have 9 home runs and 45 RBIs along with a .263 batting average in 2016.

2.) Marlon Byrd

Byrd would not be a bad option either for the Indians outfield. If the Tribe signs Byrd, he will be another veteran we have on the Indians, which will never hurt. Byrd would supply higher power numbers and almost the same batting as Jackson with a split of .275/.329/.430 through 14 years of his career. If we go off of projections for 2016, Byrd is expecting to have 21 home runs, 70 RBIs and lastly a batting average of .255 .

3.) David Murphy

I was hesitant to put Murphy on this list because the Indians had already had him and traded Murphy away but he was always putting a fight up at the plate when he was with us. Murphy can get on base but I believe when Cleveland traded him it came down to the Indians not having anywhere to put him, but now we do. Murphy has a career batting average of .274/.333/.432 through 10 years. Murphy's 2016 projections has him only hitting 11 home runs and 51 RBIs but he is projected to have a batting average of .254 .