Where Do the Cleveland Indians Rank in Various Sites and Publications Power Rankings?

Matt Loede

The Cleveland Indians will open the 2020 season two weeks from today, and many think that this team could be a sleeper when it comes to making noise in the American League.

The club has a number of starters that can make up a very good one through five starting rotation, and their infield is still one of their strengths as they get ready for the 60-game season.

With the Tribe playing in the AL Central and playing the four teams in the division 10 times each along with the NL Central, the team has a solid chance to get to close to 40 wins if they can stay healthy and play up to their potential.

A number of national sites and publications are out with their “power rankings” of the 30 MLB teams, with some giving the Tribe more love than the others.

Today we take a look to see where these sites and publications stand in terms of ranking the Indians with 14 days and counting to go before the season starts.

MLB.com 11th

The official site of Major League Baseball puts the Indians at 11 of the 30 MLB clubs in their first power rankings article which came out on July 1.

There was no write up on the Indians, as they stopped with team write ups at number six. The top five teams according to MLB.com are the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves.

Yahoo.com 11th

This list is a little bit different from the MLB.com list in that they have it broken down in different areas, with the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees being one and two, with the Nationals and Astros coming in next.

Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Atlanta and Oakland are the next four on their list, teams that all made the playoffs last season.

Next on the list are two National League Central teams, the St.Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds.

Finally that brings us to the Indians, who head up a list that include the Angels, Diamondbacks, Brewers and Mets.

Here’s what Yahoo has to say about the Tribe: “The Indians should rack up plenty of wins playing the lowly AL Central for most of the year, but trading Bauer and Corey Kluber over the last 12 months could come back to haunt them if injuries or a positive coronavirus test cost them an arm or two.”

CBS Sports 14th

Coming in a little bit lower than on Yahoo and MLB.com the Indians rank 14th on CBS’ sports site, roughly halfway of the 30 teams in all of baseball.

The 14 spot is actually two up from the previous list put out by CBS, so mark that as a plus for the Tribe.

Here’s what CBS said about the Indians 14 ranking on their site: “The Indians went from having tons of games against two awful teams and one question mark to playing stiff competition.”

One can assume that they are stating those two awful teams would be the Tigers and Royals, and adding teams like the Reds and Cardinals does the Indians no favors.

Bleacher Report 12th

The Indians come in at 12 on Bleacher Report, which says the following for each team about offseason pickups and losses and a season outlook.

“The Cleveland Indians added second baseman Cesar Hernandez and left fielder Domingo Santana on one-year deals after they were non-tendered by their respective teams.

Was cutting ties with two-time Cy Young winner Corey Kluber the right move on the heels of an injury-plagued season? He has an $18 million club option for 2021 before hitting free agency. The bullpen also took a hit with Tyler Clippard (53 G, 2.90 ERA) departing in free agency.

As for other notable losses, Jason Kipnis and Kevin Plawecki were effectively replaced by Cesar Hernandez and Sandy Leon, while Yasiel Puig was always unlikely to be anything more than a two-month rental.

Season Outlook

Even with Kluber out of the picture, a rotation led by Shane Bieber, Mike Clevinger and Carlos Carrasco still looks awfully strong. A full season of Franmil Reyes and the addition of Domingo Santana could also bring some needed punch to the middle of the lineup. They are now chasing the Minnesota Twins in the AL Central, but they are still capable of contending.”