Where Do the Indians Turn in the Rotation Following Mike Clevinger's Surgery

Matt Loede

Matt Loede discusses the latest Indians injury to ace Mike Clevinger, and now that he is on the shelf who is 'next man up' and where will the team turn waiting for Clevinger to return to the roster?

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We don't have the rotational depth we did last year, having traded Bauer and then Kluber. There are some questions about whether or not Civale, Plutko, and Plesac can perform as they did last season, which is understandable given they don't have a lengthy track record. There could well be some regression. There are also questions about Carrasco. So in all fairness, there were only two guys in our slotted rotation who everyone was pretty comfortable with, and one of those guys is down before the season even starts. I am hopeful that the young pitchers are able to pick up where they left off, and personally I feel pretty good about them. But as we found out last year, you can never have too much pitching. If all goes as well as it could, we should be fine while we wait for Clevinger. As of right now, however, we only have one ace, rather than three or four like we have in the past.

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It's ashame about Mike. But the fighter he is he will be back when it really counts. Thank god we have the best depth of pitching in baseball and the best controller of pitching in baseball in Tito Franconia