"Almost Opening Day" #1 Who is Your Favorite All-Time Non-Indians Player?

Matt Loede

T.J. Zuppe

When I was younger, I couldn't let myself root for anyone that didn't play for the Indians, but I randomly had an appreciation for former Blue Jays and Dodgers outfielder Shawn Green. Now that I'm older and can appreciate the entire sport beyond childhood fandom, I consider myself lucky to have watched Pedro Martinez pitch.

And when I was among a small group to take an elevator ride with him a few years ago at the MLB Winter Meetings, I was as successful at making a first impression as the hitters that faced Martinez back in his day.

Matt Loede

He was the 'wonderkid' at 19 years old, a player that climbed walls and hit homers with the smoothest of swings. Of course I am talking about Ken Griffey Jr. The #1 pick of the Seattle Mariners in 1987, this youngster was good at everything he did. It was hard not to root for this player that changed the game.

Casey Drottar

Opening this with a cringe...growing up, my favorite non-Indians player was (Seattle era) Alex Rodriguez. Sure, his unlikeability spiked like there was no tomorrow after that. But I loved watching him play as a Mariner, so I’ll stick with what’ll surely be a unique answer here.

Mark Warmuth

Sandy Koufax. I have a weakness for lefties who strike people out. Honorable mention to Reggie Jackson

Dave Alligood

Dave Winfield – He was the first player I followed and idolized; he was also my beloved Padres first real long-term superstar. We lived in San Diego for six and a half of the eight seasons he played there. Despite his on-field intensity, he always seemed a gentle giant to me, and I was fortunate enough to get an autograph from him. He’s my all-time favorite MLB player.

Runner-up is Tony Gwynn, Mr. Padre himself; we left San Diego before he got to town but thanks to the SuperStation WTBS and later ESPN I was able to follow him on television for most of his career and got to see him live multiple times during the 1980s when my beloved Padres visited Atlanta.

Edward McGowan

New York Yankees slugger Paul O'Neill

Alex Hooper

1. Like any 90’s kid, I was very susceptible to the marketing dynamo that was Ken Griffey Jr. I had the poster, I had the signed glove, I had the video games, and I had the jersey, which I will get to later.

When I had downtime in school, I would always draw up a diamond and make my all-time lineup, which always seemed to feature Joe Mauer and David Wright, but no one topped Junior.

Michael Quintero

Giants Hall of Fame outfielder Willie Mays

Tom Sacco

Giants Hall of Fame outfielder Willie Mays

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Harmon Killebrew and Frank Howard. Sluggers from the old days.


Tony Gwynn


Mike Schmidt