"Almost Opening Day" #2 First Major League Game You Remember Attending

Matt Loede

Mark Warmuth

A 1965 game vs. Twins. Tribe won on a walk off HR (weren't called that then) by Chuck Hinton. Sat in upper boxes. Yes, I'm old.

Tom Sacco

In either KC or Minn (I live in Des Moines, only been to Clev a couple times)

Matt Loede

The mid-80's was a great time to be a kid, though the Indians were not very good. The Tribe and Kansas City Royals waited out a rain delay at Cleveland Stadium, and eventually we played baseball.

I can't tell you who won or anything specific about the game, I just remember the Royals with players like George Brett and Willie Wilson, and the Tribe with 'Thunder' Andre Thornton.

Edward McGowan

Doubleheader, Orioles at Yankees

Alex Hooper

I am fairly sure I attended at least one game at Municipal Stadium, but I would have been three at the absolute oldest. The first game I remember attending was April 13, 1998. My dad took my brother and me to see Griffey and the Mariners, both clad in our dark blue and turquoise No. 24 jerseys.

He hit career home runs No. 299 (top of the 1 off of Dave Burba) and 300 (top 7, off of Jose Mesa) that night. I still have the jersey and my ticket stub somewhere in storage at my parents’ house.

Dave Alligood

I had attended many Padres games before this one, but my earliest vivid memory is the game my parents took me to one year for my birthday.

My beloved Padres were hosting the hated Dodgers, and wouldn’t you know it, the hated Dodgers blanked the Fearsome Friars, 7 – 0. I was crushed, and my hatred for the hated Dodgers burned with the intensity of a thousand Suns.

How dare they embarrass my beloved Padres on my birthday?!? Sadly, disappointment would become my frequent companion as a lifelong Padres fan.

Michael Quintero

it was a game against the Royals at Municipal Stadium in 1993. My grandfather took my cousins and I. I don’t remember the outcome but I did meet Slider

Casey Drottar

My dad and I happened to be in the stadium the night production filmed the overhead shot for the final game scene of Major League.

Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger and Corbin Bernsen threw out the first pitches. We’re still waiting for our IMDB credits to come through.

T.J. Zuppe

I don't have any specific memories of the game, but the first I can remember attending was May 1, 1996, a matchup between the Indians and White Sox.

It's somewhat fitting that Jack McDowell gave up five runs and got the win that day -- isn't run support fun? -- and Albert Belle homered. After the game, we were forced to wait in our car as Belle pulled out of the player's lot in front of my family in his vehicle.

He waved as he drove by us -- and I'm pretty sure he even used all of his fingers, not just one.

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1969 - doubleheader with the Orioles for my birthday - bat day - still have the bat