"Almost Opening Day" #3 Have You Ever Caught or Grabbed a Foul Ball?

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Michael Quintero

The Indians were playing the A’s on April 13, 2008, my birthday. Gutierrez caught a fly all off Mike Sweeney to end the inning and threw it to me as he entered the dugout. That would turn out to be Cliff Lee’s 2nd win of his Cy Young season.

T.J. Zuppe

I've never caught one, but I did manage to slow one down with my hand several years ago. The ball landed in the lap of my college roommate, who, despite not earning the palm bruise, decided to keep the ball. I got my payback several years later, when he gave me the ball in an attempt to get him a few autographs. Little did he know that media members don't seek autographs and my plan was to keep the ball all along.

Edward McGowan

In the AZ Fall league, hit by Clint Frazier

Casey Drottar

*Sigh* no, my life has been completely void of foul balls.

Alex Hooper

I do not know if I would love baseball as much as I do if I was not blessed to have an awesome grandfather with a deep knowledge of the game, who also happened to have season tickets about 10-15 rows up from the Indians dugout at Jacobs Field.

Those seats provided me a lot of memories, but the funniest one came against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I did not catch a foul ball, but I did catch one to the head. At some point in the early innings, Fred McGriff fouled one off with the end of his bat, and it looped up, hit the banner scoreboard just below the suite-level seats, and by the time I turned my head around, that ball smacked me right in my temple and ricocheted away to someone else.

Later in that game, while not paying attention, Slider nailed me in the head with a hot dog via his slingshot.

Mark Warmuth

Just one foul ball...Alfonso Soriano hit it. Didn't make some kind of great catch, it rolled to me.

Matt Loede

I was 8-9 years old and a bounced off the press box facade and bounced in the aisle. I scooped it up but was tackled by a number of fans behind me. The ball scooted away, and a guy on accident stepped on my face and I got up with my nose bleeding badly.

The security made the guy give me the ball, it was hit by former California Angels DH Brian Downing. I've gotten a few foul balls actually in the press box, but none as memorable as the Downing/nose bleed ball.

Dave Alligood

Yes, I caught one on the third base side of home plate sometime in the late 2000s. This was before they extended the netting. I believe Travis Hafner hit it because I gave the ball to my buddy who’d bought the tickets to the game, and he was a huge Pronk fan. To be honest, it was one of those cold April games, and as I recall my closest competition was a pigeon putting around for crumbs.

Tom Sacco

No, but I DID get John Adams to sign his ticket stub over to me August 30, 2006. (Cle won 3-2 in the 10 on a Jhonny Peralta homer.) Small crowd. I just walked up to Adams and chatted with him for a couple innings. Got a selfie with him before “selfie” was a thing.