"Almost Opening Day" #6 What Player Have You Disliked the Most Over the Years

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Edward McGowan

David Ortiz

Matt Loede

I was not a fan of him when he was a player, and even more not a fan when he was a manager - that being Ozzie Guillen. His arrogance and attitude as a player got even worse when he became a manager, and we saw how quickly that flamed out when he was in Miami and let his mouth get out of control, costing him his job.

Alex Hooper

It was really, really, really easy to hate A.J. Pierzynski, especially as an Indians fan. He talked a lot, got in fights, and he played for the White Sox. When the White Sox were good, they were as hate-able as any division rival the Indians have.

The Twins, Tigers, and Royals teams have never been as annoying when they are good, but maybe it is because I was older when it happened. For that reason, I’ll toss Paul Konerko and Mark Buehrle in there too.

Tom Sacco

Edwin Encarnacion. The parrot, too. Padded his stats and got a better contract elsewhere. More likely to hit a homer in the 8 of a 17-4 blowout, losing OR winning. Big baby. The time he slid into 2 in a playoff game? He acted like there was an amputation in his future. And he played the next game. His middle name must be “Boo Hoo.”

Michael Quintero

Insert any 2017 or 2018 Astros players in this slot.

Mark Warmuth

My friends would joke anyone not wearing an Indians uniform. I was mostly just envious of players on winning teams.

Dave Alligood

As a player, Davey Lopes always got on my nerves. Besides playing for the hated Los Angeles Dodgers, he always seemed to be around during key moments of disappointment-making for my beloved Padres. As he aged (and, coincidently, I as well), he grew in my estimation of his value to the game (perhaps, there’s something to aging in wisdom . . . nah, probably not). He fully redeemed himself with not one, but two stints as a base coach for my beloved Padres.

Casey Drottar

What player do you dislike(d) the most over years - Jonathan Papelbon. Easy. I get that every big league closer has to have that “there’s a chance I’m actually insane” vibe to them, but Papelbon’s attempt to pull that off annoyed me beyond belief.

T.J. Zuppe

My 13-year-old self swore a life-long dislike of Edgar Renteria. But rest easy, Edgar, those feelings have faded over time. Some part of me wishes I still cared about baseball in the same way I did when I was a passionate youngster.