"Almost Opening Day" #8 Favorite All-time Indians Uniform

Matt Loede

Mark Warmuth

Favorite Indians' uniform was the red vested style in the 60's. Seconded by the '95 unis...winning helps!

Michael Quintero

48 home jersey, current blue road CLeveland jersey. I also love the red brimmed block C cap.

Matt Loede

It's hard to not love the 1980's unis that are best known for the movie 'Major League.' Not ashamed to admit that I have one of those Ricky Vaughn unis and that I pull it out every now and then.

Alex Hooper

Just a little more brash excess in the roaring 20s. I think every team should do this after winning. I would do anything for the retroactively give the Astros something like this just for the #content. Baseball definitely needs more boasting, and something like the NBA has with their gold tabs on the neckline to indicate championships won, or like international soccer teams' stars.

T.J. Zuppe

I have a soft spot for the "Major League" era uniforms. They are ugly and lovable, sort of like me

Dave Alligood

I’m a sucker for 1970s uniforms, so my favorite Indians uniform is naturally the versions they wore during the mid-1970s. All of the combinations were top-notch, but my favorite was the red jersey with white pants.

My runner up is the current road grays with the navy hat with the red block C. When the players wear them with either stirrups or high socks, I think that is such a classic look. But how awesome would it be if they wore the road grays with stirrups a navy pillbox hat? Just think of the majestic epicness of such a look!

Tom Sacco

Whatever they wore in 1948! Bring it back!!!

Casey Drottar

I have a soft spot for the late 80’s, Major League era uniforms. Something about them feels especially vintage.

Edward McGowan

1958 to 1961 Home Uniform

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The 60's vests were the best!