Can the Indians Still Compete in 2021 and Beyond Even After They Deal Francisco Lindor?

Zach Shafron

Thankfully, this isn’t basketball that shortstop Francisco Lindor plays.

It is clearly obvious the difference someone like a LeBron James can make when changing from team to team in the National Basketball Association. 

Even if the Cleveland Indians were to trade Lindor this offseason, which is quite a possibility for a number of reasons, it is not the end-all-be-all for the Tribe moving forward.

Yes, Lindor is one of the best in baseball. In this 60-game shortened season, the switch-hitter batted .258 with eight home runs and 27 runs batted in. Those are very pedestrian numbers for a player of that caliber.

A reason the Indians would trade Lindor in the first place is because of the single year left on the contract. 

The team would try and get some type of value in return instead of simply letting go at the end of next season for nothing.

The Indians still have the ability to be a contending team even after a Lindor trade. Baseball is not like basketball and it really takes a total combined effort from everyone on the roster. 

Most of whom will remain next season and beyond.

Cleveland’s pitching staff will still be great even if Lindor is not on the team. Other hitters in the lineup will still represent the Tribe. 

A lot of fans like to make keeping or trading Lindor the end-all-be-all for the franchise, when it really is not.

Sure, it would be nice to be able to keep something of that value here in Cleveland. However, everyone knows that there is no way this front office is re-signing the shortstop for multiple years after next year is over.

Additionally, what the Indians receive in return for a trade could end up being a prospect that develops into the next star for this franchise.

That will not be known until years down the road, but it may be the case. Ironically, the cycle shall continue and that player will probably get traded way, way, down the line due to future financial concerns.

It is not the first and it certainly will not be the last time with how this operation works. Enjoy the fact that the Cleveland Indians, with or without Lindor, will not be a bottom-feeder of Major League

Baseball and will certainly be in contention for a playoff spot come 2021 and the years after.

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I really don't see the big deal about Frankie Lindor. Maybe it's just me, and probably is, but he is just been a distraction with the team moving on. Trade him and say bye bye in the rear view mirror and LET'S MOVE ON!!!! We have so much talent here and in the minors that if management puts one of these great talented guys on the field we will be fine. Yes maybe a couple of baby steps backwards for a sec but folks WE WILL BE FINE!!!!! Yes good luck to Lindor but the time is now to focus on what is here and now. Just my opinion!


When they trade Lindor, besides a " can't miss" prospect of 2, hopefully we can get someone who can be put in the lineup right away and really help us out. There is no way they can pay him 20+ million this year if they are going to cut payroll to somewhere around 70M. If you look at the payroll numbers, it just doesn't add up.