Civale Shines, Will Help Tribe Throughout Turbulent Season

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The Cleveland Indians have one of the best pitching staffs in all of Major League Baseball. Despite the fact that two of the starters in Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac were involved in recent controversy during the

Chicago series, it does remain true. Wednesday night’s 6-1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates made even more of a case.

Aaron Civale was the starting pitcher for the Indians and the right-hander was able to go a complete game, only giving up five hits and the one run with six strikeouts compared to no walks.

In five starts on this makeshift year thus far, Civale has a 3-2 record, a 2.91 ERA and 34 innings pitched total. Yes, it is a small sample size, but those numbers are very formidable.

Frankly, in order to contend for a playoff spot and then the World Series, the Indians will need stellar seasons from all of the starters in the rotation. 

It is fun and exciting to talk about ace starting pitcher in Shane Bieber, but the difference in baseball is Bieber cannot pitch every game.

A starting pitcher only is on the mound in one of every five games. Relief pitchers may be able to pitch on back-to-back nights, but it is not as if they play in every affair. In other sports, it is usually the same players throughout the season.

Thus, the names Bieber, Clevinger and Plesac certainly represent the staff, yet a true key will be Civale when it is time for him to take the hill.

Obviously, it is not as if Civale is going to throw a complete game each outing. That is too much to ask for even the best pitchers on the planet. 

If the rest of the season is consistently solid performances from the 25-year-old, it could be just what propels the Indians to the playoffs.

Additionally, the Tribe has control of Civale through the 2023 season and possibly beyond as that is when he reaches year one of arbitration. This pitcher has the potential to become a star. It will help the

Indians in this shortened season, but could be an even bigger asset in the future when the length returns back to 162 games.

The next time Civale pitches will be in the upcoming Minnesota series that runs through the 24-26 of August at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Let's build on this complete game and continue the success shown in previous starts.