The Cleveland Indians are not going to be the Cleveland “Indians” for much longer. After this season, the team is going to be referred as the “Cleveland Guardians.” Certainly, everyone has an opinion on the name change. 

Whether it be in favor of it, or disappointed to see the current name go after so many years of baseball.

Obviously, everyone firstly is thinking about how it will sound to hear the announcer say “Guardians” instead of “Indians.” Saying, “the Guardians win” instead of what we currently hear.

However, there is so much more to think about with the name change. The amount of complications and situations to discuss that goes with a team name change of a Major League Baseball club.

Everything in Progressive Field is going to have to changed. All of the logos, slogans, phrases and whatnot must be changed because it’s no longer “Indians.” That’s going to be difficult in it of itself.

Take the average clothing store that sells gear to represent the Cleveland Baseball Team. It will all have to be thrown in a closet and replaced with Guardians shirts and whatnot.

The Indians have said that the club will allow fans to wear Tribe gear in the stadium even after this name change. If this was so offensive, that seems a bit odd. However, it’s certainly a connivence for fans. Could see a few conflicts within the stadium between supporters.

There are certain words and phrases in our society that at one point were not only begrudgingly tolerated but were allowed and embraced. What will be interesting is how the team name “Indians” transitions in society as time goes on.

Say the average fan wears a Chief Wahoo shirt with the name “Indians” underneath to the local gym for a work out. In the future, will that person be allowed to enter or will workers politely ask said fan to leave or change clothing in order to prevent anyone from getting offended? 

It may come off as bizarre at the current moment, but it could possibly be a reality in the future.

*To close, I am personally not against the name “Indians” in any way. Just trying to add some perspective to what is happening with the baseball team soon.