A lot of Indians fans on social media spent many hours blasting the owners of the team stating the Tribe should do whatever they have to do to pay shortstop Francisco Lindor to stay in Cleveland.

Now that he's in New York with the Mets after a trade, Lindor is making comments maybe that appear the Indians may have made the right decision in moving on from him.

Lindor spoke on Monday to the media at spring training, and basically told them that he didn't give his best in 2020, and that this year with the Mets is going to be different.

Why couldn't it have been that way in Cleveland in 2020?

Lindor had his worst season as a pro in 2020, hitting .258 with eight homers and 27 runs batted in.

“I didn’t give my best in the weight room and that showed in the last week of the season, I got tired,” he said.

The Indians still won their division en route to the playoffs, but were quickly dispatched by the New York Yankees in two games in one of the AL Wild Card series.

The New York Post reports that the Indians went as high as $200 million to get Lindor to come back, only to get rejected, which in the long run might be a good thing if this is how Lindor is going to act when the going gets tough.

Now Lindor is talking a big game in the big apple, acting like it's going to be a cakewalk to get on track with the Mets and then eventually look at free agency and go wherever he wants in 2022.

“I have never been scared about free agency, so it’s not like I have got to rush to sign a deal,” Lindor said.

Indians fans should feel a sense of betrayal that they didn't get their all from the players they stuck up for.

It's again an indication of the 'me first' among selfish athletes, and now in 2021 we will see if he can turn it on and back up his comments that he'll return to form - in another city with another team.

“It’s [working harder] during the season this year to make sure it doesn’t happen again," Lindor said.