Indians Getting Hot at the Right Time, Is It Enough to Go the Distance in the Playoffs?

Zach Shafron

Getting Hot at the Right Time

That’s simply what it’s all about in baseball. The Cleveland Indians clinched a playoff spot just recently with a walk-off home run by Jose Ramirez in a thrilling extra-inning game against the Chicago White Sox at Progressive Field on Tuesday night.

It wasn’t too long ago that the Tribe had a dreadful eight-game losing streak that had a lot of fans giving up on the season. While many are still concerned about the lack of offensive production as well as the health of manager Terry Francona, winning games certainly helps offset that nervousness.

Unlike in football and basketball, the key to victory in the baseball playoffs is getting hot at the right time. 

This entire season has been a battle against the team’s self in order to produce with the bats. It comes in spurts, but never completely consistently for a very long period of time.

Certainly, it’s players like SS Francisco Lindor, 1B Carlos Santana and DH Franmil Reyes that are going to have to hit well come to postseason here in 2020. 

If those players and the addition of others in the lineup are able to find an offensive spark come October, with this pitching staff staying consistently great, anything is possible.

Usually, when it comes to say the NBA, the best team will win the series. In baseball, it does have a lot to do with talent, but that is in addition to simply being in the right zone at the right time. 

That is what the Indians need to focus on doing once the playoffs start.

Frankly, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the team seen during the eight-game losing streak is not going to win anything against anyone in the postseason. However, this current squad that is winners of four in a row and six out of seven is entirely different, despite it being the same roster for the most part.

Additionally, 16 teams are in this year’s playoffs compared to the usual 10.

It starts with a best-of-three wild card series (every team plays in), then a best-of-five divisional series, followed by a best-of-seven league championship and lastly, the coveted World Series, a best-of-seven battle.

That is a lot of baseball to stay at peak-performance. However, the team that is able to do it will likely be crowned champions.

Will it be the Cleveland Indians?

If the team is able to figure out a way to get an offensive push throughout the postseason, along with the pitching staying at its top-tier level of greatness, there is certainly a chance the Indians are ultimately the winners.

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The pitching should be enough to win the World Series but the hitting hurts them tremendously. If they only had consistent hitting there would be no question of the depths this team can do in the playoffs. Management sits in the stands and has to reflect on what needs to be done for next season. Just one that comes to mind is the subtraction of Carlos Santana. Too bad. Love him but has declined so much that when the final out us recorded this season he will be gone. But let's focus on the playoffs and hope everyone plays to their potentials and we can bring home the big prize!