Indians Must Take Thursday's Offensive Beatdown and Use it Moving Forward

Zach Shafron

The Cleveland Indians really struggled with generating any type of offense throughout the beginning of this shortened season. It is very difficult to watch, especially with how great the pitching has been.

However, a 13-0 victory over the Cincinnati Reds at Progressive Field on Thursday night may have been the spark this offense needed.

Led by third basemen Jose Ramirez, who had two home runs and a triple, the team finally found that niche offensively. This includes a 10-run 7th inning that blew a competitive game wide-open.

Certainly, the Tribe had been lacking some confidence at the plate. It is known that these players do have the ability to hit and the issue is not the talent. That is what makes it even more frustrating.

At an 8-6 record and energized by the most recent beat-down of the Reds, the Indians should be able to continue that offense as the season continues. Now, no one is asking for 13 runs a night.

Just a solid performance to support this pitching staff that is incredible.

The Indians have a team earned run average of 2.05 on the season. Heading into a series in Chicago against the White Sox, the key is for the offense to continue to support the reliable staff.

That will lead to more and more wins, which is extremely vital in this competitive AL Central Division. The only team under a .500 record is the Kansas City Royals.

A few players on the Indians that need to embrace the offense from the blowout win are first baseman Carlos Santana, outfielder Franmil Reyes and outfielder Oscar Mercado.

Santana does not look like his usual-self throughout this entire season at a .167 average. Reyes will swing at anything and is hitting .191. Finally, Mercado has made some stellar plays in the field but is only hitting a poor .132.

Frankly, the Indians are clinging to a pitching staff that continues to impress with each game. Combined, they have four shutouts through the first 14 games.

Half of the Tribe’s wins have been via the shutout. The point being that a great offense has not necessarily been required for the team to have a winning record.

If the Indians want to contend for the playoffs and even the World Series, it is going to take two to tango.

The pitching must continue and the offense has to heat up. Hopefully, the players gained the confidence needed in order to maintain the offense from the blowout win on Thursday night.